Who We Are

Simple Works, Inc. was established in 2007 with the purpose of furthering the well-being of children and young adults through support of healthcare, human rights and education. The founders and Simple Works Local Advisors (SWLAs) are people who have firsthand experience in the developing world, and are familiar with the conditions many of the world’s children are facing. Simple Works was established with one principle in mind: helping people doesn’t have to be complicated.

You can change one life at a time. Simple Works.



Famine. AIDS. Inadequate medical care. Malnutrition. Limited educational resources. A lack of fresh water. These broad problems in developing nations require large, complex and costly solutions. There are many admirable organizations devoting immense resources to these issues, yet ultimately the true solutions are fundamentally political in nature, and implemented over the course of decades. Relief agencies deal with the emergencies of displaced peoples and acute situations that arise from war and natural disasters. But response-based efforts can’t always meet the ongoing needs of the young.

Simple Works’ niche is the funding of less visible, established, high–impact and easily–monitored projects aimed at children with definable goals.

Simple Works’ goal is to improve the lives of young people.