Simple Works believes that targeted assistance can alter the course of individual lives and that those individuals help shape future communities. We believe that simple interventions carried out by local people can have significant impact, especially when directed at the young. Whether offering financial assistance to grandmothers to care for grandchildren who have been orphaned by AIDS, providing medical equipment for a clinic or a stipend to retain teachers, these small interventions can make a transformative difference to a child and ultimately to a community. Improving the lives of children is the goal of Simple Works.

Simple Works’ philosophy is that small acts can make big differences to children and their communities.



As a volunteer organization at all levels, Simple Works has very low operating costs. Our model is to provide assistance to those local groups or individuals with existing operations. Because there are many excellent people already doing great work, we believe that your dollars are best spent with them. Many such groups and individuals lack the resources to solicit traditional sources of aid. The paperwork and infrastructure requirements make it difficult for them to obtain much-needed funding. Through Simple Works Local Advisors (SWLAs) — physicians, health care workers, community and religious leaders, local officials and employees of other NGOs — we fill the gap, leveraging these people who are already on the ground to vet and manage targeted projects. With this system, Simple Works minimizes administrative and due diligence costs. The SWLAs take on the responsibility of making sure the funds are appropriately spent with accountability, all without the steep overhead costs that often come with these activities.

Our projects work where help is needed most.